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Taylor Swift forgives Harry Styles

Justin Bieber - Is There an End in Sight for Their Ongoing Feud? Taylor Swift is no fan of Justin Bieber , or his off-again/on-again relationship with her pal, Selena Gomez . But is there an end in sight for Taylor's ongoing feud with the Biebs? According to a Hollywood Life source , Swifty has decided not to bad-mouth Justin anymore. "She's not saying anything to Selena at the moment about Justin. <br>Source:

Ed Sheeran Admires Taylor Swift's Dry Sense of Humor: "She's Like The Office"

"Ed didn't mention Harry for a while, but over the past few weeks Taylor started bringing him up. "She made it clear that she didn't want frostiness between her and Harry any more. She feels she has moved on to a better place -- and Harry should know that. "The tension has thawed. Ed and Harry had a full catch-up at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles. "The next step will be Harry and Taylor meeting at an awards ceremony." The We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together hitmaker - who has dated a string of famous men including John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Lautner - previously said she regrets most of her former flames but believes the turbulent relationships have helped go to website her with her career. <br>Source:

Taylor Swift 'Hates' Justin Bieber, Which Sparks Rumors She's Feuding With Selena Gomez

She made it clear that she didnt want frostiness between her and Harry any more. She feels she has moved on to a better place and Harry should know that The tension has thawed. Ed and Harry had a full catch-up at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles. The next step will be Harry and Taylor meeting at an awards ceremony. Oooh, yes, PLEASE! Whats more, it seems Swifty is particularly thrilled that she wont be featured in One Direction s This Is Us documentary. According to the source, this provided the country-crooner with a sense of relief: Taylor would have hated having the scandal on click here! the big screen But Harry never had any intention of doing that. Taylor can see that now and it has helped them make up. Assuming this is true, we think its time for a reunion!!!! <br>Source:

Between lawsuits, birthday suits, and spitting on things, were thinking maybe Biebs should chill out a little and save some for his 20s. Why is he riling us up this time? Oh, just because according to an Us Weekly insider, Justin is making it hard for Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift to be BFFs. "Taylor hates him. She thinks Selena makes a mistake every time she reconciles with him. <br>Source:

Taylor Swift Is Apparently Ready To Forgive Harry Styles & It's All Thanks To Ed Sheeran!!

Like her sense of humor, for example. Yes, we are all aware that Swift can crack a joke, but Sheeran explains that his road partner has "the most English sense of humor out of any American I've ever met." He clarified, "She's just dry, she has a very dry sense of humor and Americans are usually like slapstick comedy, that's the big thing but she's very English. She's like The Office. kim kardashian body English Office, not Steve Carell Ricky Gervais ." Well, that's quite the compliment. <br>Source:

Taylor Swift “Hates” Justin Bieber, Wants Selena Gomez to Flee — Report

Kim responded on Twitter, writing: "I just heard about the comment Jon Hamm made about me in an interview. I respect Jon and I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that not everyone takes the same path in life. We're their website all working hard and we all have to respect one another. Calling someone who runs their own businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs, and creates, 'stupid,' is in my opinion careless." When asked about his comments, Hamm told E! News, "It's surprising to me that this has become remotely a story. I don't know Ms. <br>Source:

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How Netflix Gets Its Movie Suggestions So Right

Unless you pair your profile with your Facebook account , that is. Earlier on HuffPost: Loading Slideshow Don't Watch A Movie Without Rating It When you finish a show or movie on Netflix, the site requests that you give it between one and five stars, based on how much you enjoyed it. You're not being asked to rate that content for kicks, or so that you can later reminisce about how much you liked a certain film: Rather, Netflix has spent many years improving its recommendation engine, even offering a $1 million prize for anyone who could up the accuracy of Netflix recommendations by 10 percent. At this point, the Netflix recommendation engine is pretty darn accurate -- it takes into account your own ratings as well as the Kim Kardashian video viewing habits of those similar to you. Basically, the more films you rate, the more you're likely to enjoy a Netflix recommendation. If you constantly find yourself frustrated that there's nothing on Netflix, take a half hour or so and knock out a few hundred ratings on the "Taste Profile" section of the site, and make sure you've filled in your genre preferences, too. Finally, if Netflix persists in recommending a title that you're just never going to watch -- for me, that would be "The Lincoln Lawyer" -- remember that you can click on the "Not Interested" button on any film's homepage and it will disappear from your recommendations page while simultaneously smartening up your future recs. <br>Source:

Fall Movie Preview: Drama, comedy and action fill the calendar, from 'The Wolf of Wall Street' to 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire'

As you may recall, our first peek at the movie really only included two things: Chicago's 1970 hit 25 or 6 to 4 and a bearded, almost unrecognizable Larry David: &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;!--iframe--&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt; That was really all I needed to pique my interest, and, as it turns out, the movie is, indeed, something to sing about. Clear History tells the story of a marketing executive (Larry David) who has the worst luck ever when he leaves a car company right before it could've made him a billionaire. David's character isn't a far cry from the one he plays on Curb Your Enthusiasm, in terms of his temperament and tendency to get the bad end of a deal: &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;!--iframe--&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt; The movie's stellar cast includes Jon Hamm, J.B. Smoove, Danny McBride, Kate Hudson, Amy Ryan and Bill Hader, though the standout is Michael Keaton, who has been off our radar for way too long. I don't want to give too much away, but here's a scene from the beginning of the film, when David's character tells his boss (Hamm) that his new electric car model is terrible. (He also claims to be "the brains behind Edible Arrangements.") &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;!--iframe--&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt; Clear History is a perfect little movie that makes the wait for another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm all the more painful. <br>Source:

Movie review: Disney cranks out predictable product in ‘Planes’

1 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Kermit, Fozzie entertain in 'Muppet Movie' camera test Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear have an "udderly" delightful conversation with some cows in an exclusive camera-test clip from "The Muppet Movie: The Original Classic" Blu-ray, out Aug. 13. Brian Truitt, USA TODAY 11:09 p.m. EDT August 9, 2013 Check out the two pop-culture icons converse with some cows in an exclusive clip from the new Blu-ray, out Tuesday. Kermit the Frog sees America on a cross-country trip to Hollywood in "The Muppet Movie." (Photo: Disney) 'The Muppet Movie' makes its hi-def debut with a Blu-ray released on Tuesday A vintage camera test with Kermit, Fozzie and cows is part of the bonus features SHARE 16 CONNECT 6 TWEET 1 COMMENTEMAILMORE Folks continue to feel The Rainbow Connection 34 years after Kermit the Frog strummed his banjo in that cinematic swamp. <br>Source:

Puberty, the horror movie

shows Dusty, voiced by Dane Cook, in a scene from the animated film, "Planes." (AP Photo/ Disney Enterprises, Inc.) Movie review: Disney cranks out predictable product in Planes By Sean P. In "Planes" (which, tellingly, does not carry Pixars name in the marketing), Dusty Crophopper (voiced by Dane Cook) is a plucky cropduster with big dreams of racing in an around-the-world flying rally. He trains hard, working with Skipper (voiced by Stacy Keach), a battle-weary World War II-era P-39, to qualify. During the big race, Dusty must contend with the arrogant defending champion, Ripslinger (voiced by Roger Craig Smith), and a slew of international rivals. Director Klay Hall and writer Jeffrey M. Howard (veterans of Disneys Tinkerbell franchise) fly through the familiar landmarks of the "follow your dreams" animated playbook. <br>Source:

'Now You See Me': The Little Movie That Could

11) Alan Rickman plays club founder Hilly Kristal in this Bowery mosaic set in the 1970s. Alan Markfield Sylvester Stallone gets one over on Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Escape Plan." Machete Kills (Oct. 11) He does, indeed, in this sequel to the spoof of 70s exploitation/grindhouse schlock. Danny Trejo is Machete; Michelle Rodriguez, Amber Heard, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga and Sofia Vergara (with a bullet-shooting bra) are some of Machetes women. The Fifth Estate (Oct. 18) Director Bill Condons biopic of enigmatic WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) is based on a book by Assange insider Daniel Domscheit-Berg (played here by Daniel Bruhl). If all goes well, it could be a throwback to 1970s-style issues filmmaking. Carrie (Oct. <br>Source:

Kermit, Fozzie entertain in 'Muppet Movie' camera test

Probably not. From a P&L point of view, they are still risky. Unless they are very genre, these kinds of movies can be hard to market. They dont lend themselves to ticket-price boosting 3-D and with regular ticket prices at an all-time high, they are the kinds of movies that people tend to wait to watch at home. But surprises are nice. <br>Source:

I love this movie: HBO's 'Clear History'

Just promise you wont go average on me, Brigitte says, threatened. Id rather be dead, Ginger replies. Id rather be dead than be here without you, Brigitte says. When Gingers transformation is nearly complete, she pressures Brigitte to become a werewolf too. Its so us, Ginger tells her. Id rather be dead than be what you are, Brigitte says. Brigitte becomes aware, at least for that moment, that there are worse fates than losing Ginger or that shes already lost her. Gingers grotesqueness turns out not to be enough to view website break what binds them. <br>Source:

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The Butler: 'Not A Movie, It's A Movement' Says Director

Kim Kardashian husband Allen and his wife, Helene, were profiled by Washington Post writer Wil Haygood during the 2008 presidential election. Daniels and Haygood sat down with Tell Me More host Michel Martin to talk about The Butler, and the man who inspired it all. Interview Highlights On Kim Kardashian and Ray J video the search for a witness In the midst of the 2008 presidential campaign, journalist Wil Haygood had a feeling that Barack Obama was going to win. And he wanted to profile someone who had witnessed the civil rights movement from the 1960s to the present time. "I just knew it was going to exhaust the hell out of me," Haygood says. "I was just looking for anybody a butler, a maid, somebody who washed the windows." Haygood made call after call, searching for someone who would fit the bill. <br>Read more:

Movie review: Planes takes bumpy ride (with trailer)

Dusty is not abuilt for it,a but with some heart and try, he just might be able to arise abovea his station. Alas, his dreams go unfulfilled as he spends 45 years spraying liquid manure on corn until he is dragged off, unmourned, to the scrapyard by a sassy talking hearse, played by MoaNique. Eventually, Dusty qualifies and goes up against a host of national stereotypes for the championship. They are the kinds of competitors/eventual friends who donat even need a descriptor beyond their nationality to understand, including Mexico, England, Canada (at least here; word is theyare rebranding this planeas nationality for other markets) and India, which is at least mildly ironic, given the filmas message about not sticking to your preordained place in the world. The only nationality that pulls double-duty is, naturally, aMerica, which gives us not only our underdog hero but our overconfident, cheating, three-time-champion villain, Ripslinger. You can only imagine how conflicted the filmmakers are about their national psyche. In between, some plane races that definitely qualify as more exciting than the parts that arenat plane races and broad jokes that even most of the children at my screening recognized as tired a although credit to the movie for grabbing Iceman (Val Kilmer) and Goose (Anthony Edwards) for a cameo as a pair of fighter jets a Dusty learns what heas supposed to, even while the film subtly undermines it. <br>Read more:

1 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Kermit, Fozzie entertain in 'Muppet Movie' camera test Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear have an "udderly" delightful conversation with some cows in an exclusive camera-test clip from "The Muppet Movie: The Original Classic" Blu-ray, out Aug. 13. Brian Truitt, USA TODAY 11:09 p.m. EDT August 9, 2013 Check out the two pop-culture icons converse with some cows in an exclusive clip from the new Blu-ray, out Tuesday. Kermit the Frog sees America on a cross-country trip to Hollywood in "The Muppet Movie." (Photo: Disney) 'The Muppet Movie' makes its hi-def debut with a Blu-ray released on Tuesday A vintage camera test with Kermit, Fozzie and cows is part of the bonus features SHARE 13 CONNECT 6 TWEET 1 COMMENTEMAILMORE Folks continue to feel The Rainbow Connection 34 years after Kermit the Frog strummed his banjo in that cinematic swamp. But now, the little green guy created by the late Jim Henson gets his first big-screen appearance retooled in high definition for The Muppet Movie: The Original Classic, a new Blu-ray edition out Tuesday of the 1979 film that took Kermit, Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy and the rest from Kim Kardashian birthday TV's The Muppet Show to the big screen. While other films such as The Great Muppet Caper, The Muppets Take Manhattan and most recently The Muppets have gotten the hi-def treatment, this marks the first time for the gang's first feature. <br>Read more:

‘Planes,’ movie review

This movie was originally intended as a direct-to-video release, but when you can airlift this much money duty-free, why not book a theatrical reservation, too? Dane Cook is the voice of Dusty, a crop-duster with dreams of being a celebrated racing plane. With the coaching of World War II-era bomber-type Skipper (Stacy Keach) and his best bud, a fuel truck named Chug (Brad Garrett), Dusty enters a round-the-world race to prove hes got the right stuff. Dustys big secret, though, is that hes a plane with a fear of heights. (As a crop-duster, he can stay low.) But with a new, international group of high-flyin friends like Bulldog (John Cleese) a Union Jack-decorated, stiff-upper-propeller British plane and a potential Kim Kardashian biography love interest in the Indian jet-setter Ishani (Priyanka Chopra), no turbulence will get in the way. The jokes in Planes are runway flat, and parents will likely reach for the air-sickness bag. <br>Read more:

Cory Monteith movie 'All the Wrong Reasons' to premiere at Toronto

Milani added in a statement Wednesday that "While we are still reeling from the loss of Cory far too soon, we are very happy that we can present this film to the world at the Toronto Festival and show audiences what an incredible dramatic performance he delivers in it. The film offers a glimpse of him I don't think people have had a chance to see before." PHOTOS: Notable deaths of 2013 The movie, which does not yet have a U.S. distributor, was part of a group of Canadian premieres organizers announced Wednesday. Among the other titles are the Daniel Radcliffe romantic dramedy "The F Word," directed by Michael Dowse; veteran director Bruce McDonald's "The Husband"; and "Enemy," Denis Villeneuve's second film with Jake Gyllenhaal at Toronto (after "Prisoners"). Monteith, who battled with addiction, was found dead in a Vancouver hotel last month at age 31. <br>Read more:,0,7155601.story

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Hollywood actress Karen Black dies aged 74

Hugely prolific, the Illinois-born actress appeared in more than 100 movies over a career spanning 40 years. She died at a clinic in Los Angeles, three years after she was diagnosed with kim kardashian superstar featuring ray j ampullary cancer. Her breakthrough role, in 1969, was as a prostitute who takes drugs with Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider. Black, who was raised in a Chicago suburb, almost always played troubled, neurotic characters. Despite her impressive filmography, she had to turn to the public to help pay her healthcare costs. Her online funding appeal raised more than $60,000 (38,500), according to her husband, Stephen Eckelberry. <br>Source:

Quentin Tarantino talks Hitler, Hollywood and his hero Jack Warner [Q&A]

This week's question... "I've been seeing so many celebrities with broken bones. Yet, they seem to heal fast. Any tips or tricks?" - Claudine M., Tulsa, Okla. Keri says... Mariah Carey is in a sling, Reese Witherspoon is in a boot, and Kristen Stewart is on crutches. It seems like being injured is a hot new style! <br>Source:

Rita Moreno, Benjamin Bratt call out Hollywood for lack of major roles for Latino talent

So I was drinking big protein shakes twice a kim kardashian bangs day, eating a lot of tempeh and lentils and broccoli and some really awesome stir fries. Quinoa became a huge staple because itas such a great protein and carbohydrates source. When youare eating all of those youare not eating a lot of fat, so the muscle mass you put on is a very lean muscle mass.a Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Blackeras family moved to Canada when he was 16. Despite a passion for acting, Blacker got his law degree at Queenas University and practised law in Calgary before he moved to Vancouver in 2004 to pursue his lifelong dream. Blacker soon found himself appearing in a variety of shot-in-B.C. productions (including Supernatural, Fringe and Transporter: The Series) and scored a recurring role as a soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder in Stargate: Atlantis (which was shot in the same studio as Elysium). Asked how people responded to his decision to drop out of law to basically join the circus, Blacker laughs and recalls, aSome people would look at me as though my mid-life crisis was happening way too soon, other people a especially a lot of people in the legal profession a there was a lot of admiration. <br>Source:

Hollywood North: Vancouver’s Josh Blacker bulked up on quinoa for Elysium

It's this intrinsically paternalistic view of problems that are much more complex than that. It's like saying a teacher is going to get lazy when they have tenure. A teacher wants to teach. Why else would you take a (EXPLETIVE) salary and really long hours and do that job? UNIDENTIFIED MALE:Aren't 10 percent bad though? Ten percent of teachers are bad. <br>Source:

Healthy Hollywood: Ask Keri Glassman -- Foods That Help Healing

7, 2013, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP) CAPTION By Associated Press, BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. Oscar-winning actress Rita Moreno says she has a ready answer for those who ask why more Latinos fail to receive Hollywood honors. Its because Hispanic actors arent cast in the kind of roles that gather big nominations and awards, Moreno kim kardashian surgery said Wednesday. Looking for things to do? <br>Source:

Hollywood hypocrite? Matt Damon puts kids in private school

HJ: As someone who writes historical fiction, what are the rules in addressing political sensitivities while still trying to preserve artistic license? QT: Look, I dont see any Hollywood movies being written now that are saying Mao was 100-percent wrong and China is an evil empire because [Hollywood studios] want to show their movies in China. Theyre not rushing to make movies about the Tibetan situation and then going to China and trying to get it released. HJ: So, without having read Urwands book, but based on what you know about film history and world history, would you say his argument -- that studios acquiesced to German censorship and even aided in their propaganda efforts -- is correct? QT: I go along with the fact that yes, [Hollywood] had a very lucrative market in Germany for their product. HJ: Why was that? <br>Source:

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The Social Climber: 'You're So Vain' a Hit for Taylor Swift and

kim kardashian instagram I'll decide to play a song, like, two minutes before, so it's less regimented." Before tonight's show, Swift attended four fan meet-and-greets and ran through a quick soundcheck with special guest Patrick Stump, who rose onstage in an elevator to surprise fans with Fall Out Boy 's "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)." "It's my jam!" says Swift. Adds Stump, "She started talking to me about the hydraulics [of the elevator], and I'm like, 'It's crazy how good at this you are. You know all your shit.'" Since her stadium gigs happen mostly on weekends, Swift has spent plenty of downtime lately at her new beachside mansion in Rhode Island. "There have been a lot of kitchen dance parties with my girlfriends," she says. She's been listening to tons of Carly Simon (who just joined her onstage in Massachusetts) and devouring novels, from F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender Is the Night to Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl and Jess Walter's Beautiful Ruins. "They're great stories, and they kind of take you away," she says. <br>Source:

Taylor Swift, Carly Simon Do “You’re So Vain” Duet in Concert

It looks like Taylor Swift couldnt put her anger toward Justin Bieber aside for her BFF Selena Gomez as she did not attend any of Selenas 21st birthday parties in order to avoid Justin! We know Taylor cant stand Justin, and she doesnt like Justin and Selena as a couple, and Selena knows it to. However, Selena thought that Taylor could get over her feelings for a week in order to celebrate her big day with her, but that was not the case. According to sources, Selena is not mad at Taylor and understands her decision to avoid her parties and her on-again boyfriend . Selena and Taylor have already made plans to celebrate together in the coming weeks. <br>Source:

May we suggest early-bird dinners, bocce ball and motor scooters, Mr. Depp? FBI Arrests 150 in Child Prostitution Sting A nationwide sweep this weekend by the FBI resulted in the arrest of 150 alleged "pimps" charged with child prostitution crimes. The sting, known as Operation Cross Country, rescued more than 100 children from forced prostitution in 76 U.S. cities, according to the FBI. Some of the children were as young as 13. NASA/SDO Space Photos Show Coronal Hole in the Sun Get out your SPF 7,000,000 to look at this photo of a coronal hole on the surface of the sun. <br>Source:

While economists will spend weeks pouring over the new data, the big takeaway is that, by any measure, the world's biggest economy continues to chug along at a sub-par pace. "There are a lot of moving parts to GDP," says Kevin Cummins, U.S. economist at UBS in the attached video. "In any given quarter you can have a couple different takes at the data because so much goes into it." As he sees it, the latest numbers speak well for improving growth in the second half, thanks in part to a big upward revision to the savings rate, which rose to 4.5% of disposable income. "We are a little bit more optimistic about growth prospects in the second half of this year and into 2014," Cummins says. "It looks like the consumer is perhaps in better shape now." Also of note this quarter is the expanded coverage of intellectual property products , explained by the BEA below: "Expenditures for research and development (R&D) and for entertainment, literary, and artistic originals provide long-lasting service to the businesses, nonprofit institutions, and government agencies that use them...and will be recorded as fixed investment." While Cummins supports these periodic changes as necessary to pick up new parts of the economy as it grows and changes, revising the methodology won't make his job any easier. For example, it is fairly straight forward to count how much money Taylor Swift earned from albums and ticket sales last year, but valuing the future return on investment she might garner from the 14 songs she wrote is a whole new ball game. <br>Source:

GDP Rises 1.7% as ‘Taylor Swift Effect’ Adds to Growth

The two sang together the 1972 hit Youre So Vain, much to the delight of fans. Useless to point out, by including an older artist into her show, Taylor has managed to win over a generation of music lovers that, perhaps, had not been too big Swift fans until then. Before I bring out my special guest, I have this question blog url that I've always, always had, Taylor told her fans at the show by means of an introduction. I think a lot of you have probably had this question too, always wondered what the answer is. Who is this song, You're So Vain by Carly Simon, written about? she asked. Then Carly came out and the fun started. Check it out in the video above. <br>Source:

Taylor Swift Knows a Secret

So, none of these quotes are particularly "revealing," as Page Six says they are. They're just Martha Stewart being Martha Stewart. [ Page Six ] Justin Bieber did some more clubbing in New York City on Tuesday night, hanging at 1Oak with Rita Ora, that singer or whatever she does. So this is really no big deal, but there is at least something funny about how, in the Page Six item about this clubgoing, Bieber is described as "the often shirtless star." Ha. The often shirtless. Aren't we all often shirtless? <br>Source:

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